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Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins is a striking real-time 3D environment created in Unreal Engine and lit using Lumen.

This project features a bleak, cinematic look, desaturated and covered with fog, enhancing the mysterious allure of the decaying remnants of a forgotten civilization.

head_0000_Layer 4.jpg

Another shot of the Ancient Head.

head_0001_Layer 0.jpg

An overview of the entire scene and illumination inside Unreal Engine 5.

3D model of the main asset in Maya.

head_0000_Layer 1.jpg
head_0002_Layer 2.jpg

Sculpted details and textures applied.

Close-up of the Ancient Head with stone pillars in the background.

Real-Time Environments

ONYXARK specializes in the creation of stunning 3D environments tailored for:

Video Games, Virtual Reality, Architectural Visualization and more.


Whether you're looking to bring a fantastical realm to life or recreate a slice of reality, our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality, engaging 3D scenes.

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